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We provide painless, instantaneous and stress free solution
to the new born/parents for determination anemia, jaundice
and hypoxia unlike conventional methods involving multiple needle pricks at an affordable cost.

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NeoCare Inc. founded in 2021 is developing non-invasive techniques disease detection in new born in a cost-effective manner.

Problem Statement: Neonatal jaundice, anemia and hypoxia are the most common health issues encountered by newborns globally and constitute a major percentage of infant mortality. The prevalence of neonatal jaundice anemia and hypoxia is quoted to be between 50% and 60% among healthy term neonates. Similarly, 42% babies born are affected with anemia.

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Problem Statement

Multiple needle punctures for new born

Traumatic Experience

Emotional stress for the babies and parents

Test report delay

Blood test reports are not instantaneous. Time investment is substantial

Laboratory Dependance

Maintenance of costly laboratory equipment and trained technical personnel


Neocare, No stress no duress

Non-invasive solutio

We Provide painless blood parameter without needle puncture

Instantaneous Solution

Result are right away

Cost effective

Three times less costly compared to lab test cost

No consumables

No kit, no strips

Our Product



Urinary Blader Cancer

Global Market Oppurtunity

24 M
Blood tests / year
$ 7.5
Cost / test
81 M
Total market size
50 M
Obtainable Share
151 M
Global Opportunity

Meet Our Team

Neo Care Team

Prof. Samir K. Pal
Chief Technical Officer (Ph.D.)

Senior Professor. Part of Noble winning group 400 publications. 40 patents. Multiple awards and accolades.

Prof. Asim K. Mallick
Chief Medical Officer (Ph.D)

Senior Professor. Head Neo-Natal ICU Aggressive researcher.

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